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Kaspick & Company is an investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition to its investment advisory services, Kaspick & Company provides gift administration services to nonprofit institutions. Visit our website at www.kaspick.com for more information about the company and its operations.

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We use this website to provide general information about Kaspick & Company to our clients and the public. Certain portions of this website are accessible only by Kaspick & Company clients, and by the donors and beneficiaries of trusts and other gift arrangements trusteed by our nonprofit institutional clients. Through these specialized pages, we provide information pertaining to specific accounts and other investment information that is not intended for the general public. Kaspick & Company does not use this website to provide investment advice. Investment advice can only be provided through a formal investment advisory relationship. No information on this website is intended to be legal advice. You should consult with your legal counsel for advice regarding your particular circumstances.

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CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT: Certain portions of the Kaspick & Company website contain proprietary data that is available for the exclusive use of Kaspick & Company clients. Material on these restricted webpages may not be displayed, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, or used to create derivative data without the express prior written authorization of Kaspick & Company. Authorized clients may access these restricted webpages using appropriate login identification. These login identifiers are strictly confidential and expressly non-transferable. Login identification can only be used by authorized employees of Kaspick & Company clients.

The login identification and the information and material displayed on these limited access webpages are confidential and non-transferable. This means that authorized clients may not disclose any logins, information, or material derived from these restricted webpages without the prior written authorization of Kaspick & Company. An authorized client may disclose information or material from these webpages to its staff or trustees, with the express understanding that these individuals will treat the data confidentially. By written prior agreement, certain Kaspick & Company clients may be allowed to permit limited access to the clients' specialized webpages on the Kaspick & Company website by the clients' donors and beneficiaries and those individuals authorized to act on behalf of donors and beneficiaries (such as individuals operating under a power of attorney arrangement). In such cases, those donors and beneficiaries and their authorized parties hereby agree to maintain the confidentiality of all information other than their own personal data. Additionally, information from this website may be disclosed if disclosure is required by law or court order. Clients are required to provide notice to Kaspick & Company reasonably in advance of such mandatory disclosures.

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